Major League Soccer, Game Ticket Price Up: Is soccer gaining ground in the United States?

  • Soccer making headlines in the US

    Soccer is absolutely gaining ground in the United States - just look at the attention paid to the World Cup in 2014. Soccer is no longer seen as a foreign game, but a game many Americans enjoy. Another tell-tale sign is the amount of minivan commercials featuring moms taking kids to soccer practice. The millenial generation was raised with soccer as one of the major sports in school, and that demographic will only continue to grow in the United States.

  • Yes, Soccer is Gaining Ground

    The World Cup has helped to make soccer a popular sport in the U.S. There was more interest than ever in World Cup games and this will help to make soccer as popular as football and baseball in the United States. Also, the demographics of the U.S. is changing and with a more diverse population, will come more interest in sports that have a global appeal like soccer.

  • Soccer is gainig ground.

    The sport of soccer is indeed gaining a significant amount of ground in the United States of America.Major league soccer game ticket price is up. In my hometown as well as other surrounding towns and im sure in other areas as well, soccer is being introduced into schools as a recreational sport tp be offered along with the usual basketball, baseball and football.

  • Yes, soccer is gaining ground

    Many have felt they could not keep up with the current popular sports played in America, they did not know the names of the players or the previous season's results and they felt left out in the cold. Everyone now is starting from the same knowledge base and so can follow what feels like a new sport from the beginning of its inception in the USA.

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