Major snow storm expected to hit D.C.: Are people adequately prepared for winter weather?

  • Plenty of Resources Available

    Today's consumers have more options than ever when it comes to communication regarding national disasters. Since a lot of notice was given about this potential storm, D.C. residents had plenty of time to gather firewood, stock up on food and water and refill their medications. Although no one can predict the weather with absolute certainty, having advance warning helps the majority of residents to prepare adequately.

  • Driving is the biggest problem

    People are never adequately prepare for winter weather, especially when it comes to winter driving. In my opinion, winter tires are not the answer. People seem to think that they invincible driving their oversized trucks on winter tires, so they never slow down and this is the biggest cause of accidents under bad snow conditions.

  • No, People in D.C. are not Prepared for a Major Snow Storm

    People are generally complacent in D.C. when it comes to weather because of the mild climate that generates relatively few snow storms. People will rely on the municipal clean-up crews to clear the streets, but in the event of a prolonged storm and limited supplies, people in D.C. are not prepared with at least seventy-two hours worth of supplies and water..

  • No, people are not adequately prepared for winter weather.

    I do not think that most people are adequately prepared for winter weather. Prepared means being able to sustain your family for an extended period of time, should you become snowed in. Most people have basic survival kits of flashlights, candles and a few non-perishable foods, but do not have all the basic necessities for a week of surviving in their homes.

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