Make America Great Again: Can President-elect Donald Trump mend the great divide?

  • Yes, He probably can.

    No one is perfect. So also, people can change. While President-elect Donald Trump is not a very well-liked man, and has not shown much good about himself; I believe that every president has the responsibility to bring peace to some extent. I do not believe that Donald Trump would completely fail in mending the great divide.

  • No, he can't.

    Trump is appointing and supporting far too many people who support regressive, uneducated policies and ideals. While this appeals to uneducated and conservative bases, it makes progressive and liberal bases trust him even less. By choosing such divisive people to run his government, he is only increasing the divide, not mending it.

  • He Caused It

    President-elect Trump is one of the main people responsible for the great divide in the United States. He manipulated people's fears, and is a horrible human being. He now wants to bring the country together, but I can't forget all the gross things he has said and one. He caused it.

  • No Donald Trump cannot heal the "great divide."

    After almost two years of campaigning where attention was focused on the worst of each party Donald Trump endorse policies and made statements that ran counter to America’s core values and beliefs. Any statements that he might make to the opposite have zero worth and no moral value. He's not going to be able to get Americans back together.

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