• Natural beauty is eternal.

    There is nothing like a woman with natural beauty. A woman with natural beauty shines from the
    inside. A woman with natural beauty is
    as beautiful when she wakes up as she is when she is completely dressed and
    ready to go. Also, a woman with natural beauty
    is more valuable because she is much harder to find.

  • It's Their Choice

    Girls and others genders can choose to wear makeup if they want to wear it. People keep on saying "what about their natural beauty." Well, you can still see a lot of their "natural" look. Plus, it can help with self-esteem and make a woman more confident and beautiful-inside and out.

  • "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, and Twaddle to that Effect"

    Getting ready is much quicker, and easier when you don't have to worry about batting your eyes and puckering your lips in a mirror. Make-up often gives women a reason to be insecure about their outward appearance, and I firmly believe in believing in yourself. This doesn't mean you shouldn't wear make-up, but you should wear make-up when you want, while also being able to rock your natural look.

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