Making all these protective laws in society (namely U.S.) creates a society of victims rather than strengthening the society.

Asked by: EzNachoz
  • It does weaken our society

    I say that with all of these laws being implemented (not necessarily being enforced) we are weakening people. The best example off the top of my head is the protective laws against bullying. Of course this issue needs to stop! It's an issue that can lead to social issues within, not limited to, kids, and it teaches a lesson to the bully if caught. However, the latter does not always happen. The U.S. keeps creating these laws that they do not enforce, nor do the people who catch bullies. So, if you're creating all these laws, but not doing anything else about them, it just becomes a empty threat. But now also to the society of victims. If you hope that the, so to say, law, will protect you from someone else, you're relying on someone else to defend you. I'm not saying that we should teach kids to be more hostile, but teach them to grow a spine and one, not let things get to them (remember "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"), two, teach them to walk. Away. Cyberbullying becomes a joke to me when kids say they face all this harassment when all they have to do is close the window and move on.

    I feel like this is enough of my rant, I want to hear the rest of your opinions.

  • If anything there a culture of supporting abuse

    How many times have high school athletes gotten away with sexual assault? Rape culture is a very real and tragic thing and victims and continually blamed when it is not their fault. The same with drug victims who are demonized when they should be helped. Bullying is deemed as acceptable, boys will be boys right. Protective laws? Hah, what laws? Society is strengthened when abuse is not tolerated which unfortunately in the United States it is.

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