Malania Trump speech plagerized: Does this reflect poorly on Donald Trump?

  • He must accept responsibility if he is the leader he claims to be

    Donald Trump is going to be held responsible for anything and everything that comes out of the Trump camp, especially actions of his family. I find it hard to believe that Donald Trump did not have a copy of his wife's speech beforehand and was not asked to approve it.

  • Yes, this is his campaign.

    Especially in light of all of the lies and inconsistencies from Donald Trump's campaign, this plagiarized speech does not look good for Trump. He already has a horrible public image, and this will only make things worse. It might be a little unfair, since Trump probably had nothing to do with the speechwriting. However, many people will just see it as more unethical behavior by Trump and his campaign.

  • Yes, this reflects poorly on Donald Trump.

    Many believe that Melania Trump's RNC speech was plagiarized, because of its similarity to Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC speech. Even though Melania most likely did not write her speech, this mistake still reflects poorly on the Trump campaign. Trump needed to use the convention as a way to show voters that he is serious about being president. Unfortunately, this mistake will distract voters from Trump's message.

  • Yes, because it shows that the people around him are dishonest

    No honest speech writer worth his salt would ever put Mrs. Trump in that position. I believe that either someone was trying to sabotage the campaign from the inside or that they have a very dishonest staff with very little original talent. Whichever it is, they now say no one will be fired, so that makes one think that Melania and Donald knew it was plagiarized the entire time.

  • It's not plagiarism

    If you acknowledge where you got it. In Malania Trumps case, she stated she got if from her parents, just as Michelle Obama stated she and her husband got they got that message from the people who raised them. Seeing that the message was passed down to both Mr. And Mrs. Obama, that right there states that it was common in both households.
    Did someone day something similar before Mrs. Trump did? Yes, but something similar was said prior to Mrs. Obama gave her speech as something very similar was said by the lead actor in John Q back in 2002, and Melvyn Douglas was quoted in saying "Your word is your bond." before that. Clearly their statements or something close, would be a common message given by parents so there is no justification on the claim of plagiarism.

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