Malaysia Airlines 777 Search Moves Nearly 700 Miles Northeast: Will this "credible lead" lead to the discovery of Flight MH370?

  • This lead will help to find the missing flight.

    Although this lead is the most credible lead yet seen, in the search for the missing airplane. It leaves search teams with an enormous task of combing through the Indian Ocean, in an area much bigger than was originally searched in. There is a strong chance that debris has drifted from this area, or has even sunk. But still, when compared to the horrendous amount of false leads that were initially given in this search, it is good to know that there is some solid evidence, that may allow teams to find, even a piece, of the missing airliner.

  • It is possible

    There is so many different questions about the Malaysia Airlines credible leads which one are we even talking about here? There has been so many different leads that they have all here and there been called something that is credible. We should not jump to conclusions about the things coming up.

  • Bottom Of The Sea

    So at this point and time we know or have been told that the plane was lost. We assume this means it crashed in the ocean and we have a general idea of where that may have happened. We've used satellites to try and locate debris. We've found some, but have yet to find any substantial evidence. This plane is probably at the bottom of the ocean. Just wait! When they find the black box there will be more answers.

  • No, the credible lead will not lead to the discovery of Flight MH370.

    Based on everything that has been presented in the media, it seems that the "credible lead" of the flight moving 700 miles northeast is just another tactic used by the supposed highjackers of the flight. It seems that the highjacking was thoroughly thought out and perhaps even the pilots were involved. It seems like a caper of the highest degree, and even the debris in the ocean only shows that perhaps it is more red herrings to throw the detectives off their scent.

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