• Was a accident!

    I think that Malaysia Airline Crashes were a accident especially the second one. I do think it is a little odd that the first plane had top scientists, and then this pane had top Aids workers but I do believe that it was a accident and nothing is being hidden from the rest of the World.

  • Crash an Accident

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down purely by accident. There were two other planes shot down in the area which did not receive as much attention because they were military planes. This flight was mistaken for a military plane and tragically shot down in the same manner. It comes as just a weird coincidence that this same airline was responsible for the missing flight a few months earlier.

  • No, it wasn't an accident.

    With today's technology there is no way that they didn't know if was a passenger aircraft. This missile that they used was guided and so they had to really target the aircraft before sending it up. I can't say what their motives are for doing it just yet, but I know this wasn't an accident.

  • Money on Quantum Tangent

    I do not have the slightest clue or concept of what really happened, I can only assume; but for some reason I do not feel this was a genuine plane crash. Government, rebel insurgency, animals, or random quantum generative tangent, I think it was more than a regular crash. Take your pick.

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