Malaysia Airlines flies in the wrong direction: Should the pilot be held responsible?

  • Of course they should.

    It's human error, and everyone makes mistakes, but if you make a serious mistake there needs to be repercussions. It doesn't matter if you are a pilot or a janitor. Mistakes that involve incompetence need to have repercussions to keep them from happening again. It's not about punishment, but safety.

  • If a Plane goes in Wrong direction, Pilot should be held accountable

    Simply put, if a plane goes in the wrong direction, the pilot should be held accountable unless there was an underlying problem with the plane that prevented the pilot from flying the route desired. With all the advances in technology, it seems to have made people complacent and not take their jobs as seriously because they know they can fall back on technology. However, in the end it is a person manipulating this technology and unless the technology is faulty, the person is responsible.

  • Not i don't think so.

    Why should he , i mean aren't all the pilots guided from the base ? I suppose they have a set route before they even step foot into the cabin. Now why should they be held responsible of that, unless they deliberately took a different course. Which is hard to imagine.

  • Not without more evidence

    This is not the first time this airline has had problems, there are still past crashes with unresolved questions. Blaming the pilot is premature and could cost him his livilihood. They should investigate the airline from the top down, do full mechanical inspections on all aircraft, review the histories of all the pilots, then draw conclusions.

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