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  • We will find it

    Chances are that the plane will be found eventually. This is due to our advanced technology that can look over larger areas faster and more efficiently. Also as time goes by there is more time to find the flight. We may not be able to find the flight till it is no longer important but we should eventually find the flight.

  • Yes, The lost flight 370 will be found.

    Whether we find it today, tomorrow, a year from now, or ten years, they will find the wreckage to the lost Flight 370. Since the plane didn't land in the complete middle of the ocean, there's a better chance that they can pin point where the plane likely is. Only time will tell how soon they find it, but some treasure hunter may end up stumbling upon it in 100 years. In 10,000 years maybe the sea will have dried up enough to expose the wreckage.

  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 wll be found

    Although I think it will take some time, I do believe that Maylasyia Airlines Flight 370 will eventually be found. I think considering you have every major Nation in the World looking for it that eventually it will be pieced together what has happened to it and will be found or at least pieces of it.

  • I'm Sure It Will

    I believe Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 will be found. There are new reports of new debris to check out everyday. It would seem feasible to have confirmation within the week. The only problem is the fact that we don't really know where it went down and its difficult to know if anything will be visible after several days.

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