Malaysian Plane Down: Is this a terrorist attack since the beacon didn't go off?

  • Yes it is

    Yes, this is a terrorist attack by Al Qaida and nobody wants to know the truth. The 2 stolen passports were stolen and they end up on this flight. That alone is suspicious. Another thing we all know Al Qaida loves to talk and make chatter about what is going to happen next. They chatted about the Olympics to disguise what was really going to happen to throw everyone off. This is what you call defensive tactics. They tell you one thing just to throw off the enemy and are planning something totally different. They have went underground. Who really believes that these 2 men were seeking Asylum. You can't fool me because I think outside of the box when stuff like this happens. They haven't figured it all out yet. But you have to think like a chess player. I am always going to play my worst for a minute and then bring my best game out in the end. Just to throw the other opponent off.

  • It is possible

    The Malaysian plane attack probably went down via some type of attack. However this attack could have been a number of different things. We should not assume that is the typical terrorist attack that we are use to in the 21st century. We should think of all possible things that could take place.

  • Something Unusual Happened

    The latest theory is that the plane's disappearance could be due to a pilot's suicide. That would make sense since the instrumentation was turned off and then the pilot radioed the tower. Supposedly, one of the pilots told the other pilot to leave the cockpit. It may also explain why some women were in the cockpit before the plane went off course--if the pilot knew the end was nigh, he would have nothing to lose. Right now, it could be one of two things. Either the pilot was in league with terrorists on the plane who were there to make sure something happened, or he was simply suicidal and he took 238 other people with him. It doesn't matter what the reason is at this point--hundreds of people are dead and the cause remains a mystery more than a week after the flight's disappearance.

  • The Missing Malaysian Plane is not a terrorist attack.

    Without doubt the missing Malaysian Boeing 777 is the act of one of more persons on the plane. The programmed left turn and the powering down of both the communication radios and the automated systems status radio links proves on board actions. However with no claims by any terrorist group, this appears to be a 'lone wolf' act.

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