Male reproductive rights: Should men have some reproductive rights with their unborn children?

  • They should have rights

    If females get to chose. So should males. It's unfair to males. It's a double standard. It takes two to make a kid not one. People saying that it's the females body and egg. But forget it's the males kids also it's very unfair. And don't forget when females lair about taking birth control .

  • No equality; women have choices, men have none

    A birth should only occur when TWO consenting adults CHOOSE to be parents.

    If ONE of the adults does NOT CHOOSE to be a parent; contraception failure, rape, female coercion of a man for child support etc. then there are options.

    For an unwanted pregnancy the options are abortion or adoption.

    For a 'coerced pregnancy' the woman has CHOSEN to keep the child so must take responsibility for HER CHOICE AND ACTIONS. The old 'keep it in your pants' argument is dismissive of female culpability. This argument gives women the power to coerce a man into fatherhood and is unjust in my opinion

  • Yes, men should have the same options as women, under the law, after a child is born.

    I believe that the woman, ultimately, has the right to decide what to do with her body, but if she decided to have or keep a child, her partner should have the same legal right that she does, which is to give up his parental rights and responsibilities. A woman, regardless of what her partner wants, can abort, keep, put up for adoption, or even abandon her child with no legal repercussions. A man has no say in what happens, and if the baby is born is forced to pay for 21 years, even though he isn't even guaranteed contact with the child. Even if the woman harvested a used condom to "trap" him, he has no legal grounds and is still on the hook.

  • It's her egg? Well it's also his sperm!

    The problem is that it's not always at a man's request. I've heard of women poking holes in condoms and lying about birth control to force a man to impregnate her. As such, he is forced to financially support her even if they're not together. It sickens me that men have no way out of this disgusting behavior.

    Men should be able to choose whether to have a woman receive an abortion, because that embryo/fetus there is just as much his as it is hers. Without him, it wouldn't be there, and if some B**** (that's the kindest word I can give them) decides to use a man's sperm without his permission and bind him to financially support her without his consent, she should be fined and jailed without an second of remorse.

  • Men should have reproductive rights just like women

    First off I would like to address the argument "They walk out. . That's their choice". Ever heard of single fathers? What about the woman in Ohio who poured gasoline on her baby and lit it up? Do single mothers do that?

    There are many issues with being a male in modern America. I struggled with the question, "What does it mean to be a man?". For guys there is no clear explanation. We are portrayed as violent, deadbeat, uncaring, aggressive, dominant, and stupid. REAL MEN DON"T ACT LIKE THAT. Real men aren't portrayed accurately in the media (print media, radio, and television). To illustrate this, when was the last time you heard, "Suck it up and be a woman"? I've never heard it.

    Reproductive rights are two-fold: women and men. It is essentially unamerican and sexist to offer repro rights to women and not to men. This is like what the German Nazi's did to the Jews in 1939-1945. Why should one group be any more inferior to another? "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [including women] are created equal and endowed b their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

  • Yes,men should have reproductive rights with their unborn children.

    Men should definitely have rights when it comes to reproductive rights.After all a baby can not be born without a mother and a father and therefore someone who contributes half to the process should have some rights too.Also whenever possible a decision about abortion should be made with the help of the father.

  • Yes, men are equally important in the process of life and conception.

    Yes, men should have some reproductive rights. The couple together should make informed decisions as to what will happen with the unborn child (abortion, adoption). Ultimately it is the woman's responsibility as primary caregiver of the child, if unmarried, and she has the right to decide. I don't, however, agree with a man being able to release all of his responsibilities (financial, emotionally) for an unborn child. This has been witnessed to many times in our society. The consequences can span generations.

  • Men don't contribute "half the process"

    Forcing a woman to go through 9 months of misery being pregnant and the unparalleled hell of child birth?!? That's a torture sentence for someone who does not want the child.... It's a torture sentence even when you do want the child. Men DO NOT contribute equally to the process. The enjoyment of ejaculation versus the months of sickness, exhaustion, hip pain, back pain, leg/foot cramps, Braxton Hicks, etc. THEN child birth!! You think that's equal?!? Or right to force someone against their will into this? And then do you think we're ever the same after that? It destroys our bodies.

    What about the slippery slope of rape, incest and domestic abuse? I have two words, seven letters who thinks men should be able to force a woman to procreate.

  • They walk out. . That's their choice

    Women are too often left heading households, so that's where the rights should lie. While men are needed for the creation, many walk away from their role as parents. Why should a woman have a child at a man's request, to have him later walk out. The one with the most to lose should make the decisions.

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