Male rights to opt-out of child support in unwanted pregnancies: Should men have rights to opt-out of child support in unwanted pregnancies?

  • It's only fair.

    If women have the rights to get out of motherhood by abortion men should have a similar right to get out of fatherhood by renouncing the child. Sure, Both parties can prevent that situation by not engaging in sexual activities yet women have the option not to have their life and career plans fundamentally changed if something goes wrong, So why should you deny men a similar right?

  • Of course they should have rights!

    I’m going through this right now! I’m the female in the relationship and was told for YEARS I could not get pregnant. Well the last time him and I had sex I got pregnant and we broke up that week. Two months later I find out I’m pregnant. Him and I are good friends so of course I tell him and I also say that I am deciding to keep it. Then I ask him what he wants to do and he says he doesn’t want to be involved which is perfectly understandable. . . Fast forward to now 3 months after I had my adorable baby boy and had the paternity test because he wanted to make sure it was his and it came back positive. . . He is trying to not be involved too much because tbh he doesn’t have the money to pay child support nor does he want to be a father to our child. That is perfectly fine with me. So I’ve been looking online at all the different rules and regulations and everywhere I look it keeps saying it’s for the best interest of the child. . . I’m sorry but that’s complete and utter bullshit. . . It’s in the best interest for the child for you to ruin the family dynamic we have going on just so someone who doesn’t want to be involved can pay the government back what they paid to help me birth this baby is ridiculous. The only reason they do this is cause the government is covering their own asses. . . They could care less about us or this child that has both sides of the family happily involved without them sticking their noses in places it doesn’t belong. I’m sorry but give the men rights and don’t cause families to be ripped apart because of your greed. . . Just to clarify I am going to school and getting a better education so I can provide for me and my son by myself. I don’t need him to help me out because I have plenty of family assisting in the process. He had more stuff than you could imagine and is very loved. . . The government is just stirring the pot when we’re happy just as we are.

  • She just wants my sperm and not me, can i get out of pay her support or legally compromised by her

    Is there a way if a woman just wants to have a baby and can care less about the man That she can she give up her wright to get support for the child.
    I found out she is looking into buying sperm from a clinic because I wont fertilizer her. This is crazy. I would have a child with her if I could be protected from her wanting support. I Love children, but i don't agree with her life style. People change and she says she will only if she is pregnant ummmmmmm, to much risk there for me. I would plan on supporting her and the child at the best of my means. I just don't want to be told I HAVE TO OR ELSE like before this happened to me.

  • She just wants my sperm not me so can i get out of paying her support or legally compromised by her when needed.

    I'm have a girl friend off and on for about 7 years and we had lived together. She has told me before if she ever got pregnant while dating various men including me she would take off and hide from the man with her parents to raise it alone without him knowing. She is still trying to get pregnant, but I've been real lucky. I don't have an issue with a baby just not with her because of the life style she lives. I know this sounds bad, but I know if I don't she will find someone else that would pregnant her if there was a way i could be excluded when she wants money and support later. I love kids just so you know and would be part of its life and there if the child needs me and possible even more depending if she changes her ways, But I wanted to know if she signed a paper stating she just wanted my sperm not me can i get out of pay her support or legally compromised by her

  • Equality for all?

    I am a FEMALE. If you wouldn't say to a woman, "you should have kept your legs closed", don't tell a man he should have "kept it in his pants". If you wouldn't tell a woman to face the consequences, don't say it to a man. If you wouldn't tell a woman, "don't want a baby? Don't have sex!" -and that's such an assanine thing to say- don't say it to a man. If the woman CHOOSES to have a baby using his sperm, knowing full well he doesn't want it, she should also accept all financial responsibility. When a woman goes to a fertilization clinic and buys sperm, she accepts that it is HER responsibility. It isn't any different if the sperm was free.

  • Yes Men should have a right to opt out

    I'm the female on the side of the man. My current boyfriend had a sexual relationship with a woman prior to our relationship. He cut things off with her as he did not want a future with her. They both agreed that they didn't want children (She even told me this) and she told him she would have a better chance of getting struck by lightening then getting pregnant because she had endometriosis. He ended the relationship with her prior to knowing she was pregnant and a month later she tells him she is pregnant and is keeping the child. He doesn't believe her and thinks that it is manipulation to get him back. Baby is born and he is now going through child support services to get a paternity test and set up payments if he is the father. This woman isn't even divorced yet, has an ex-fiancee and lives off of $500 a month in alimony because she refuses to work. My boyfriend and I want to be married and have children of our own but we don't know if we can financially do it now. People who have no financial ability to bring a child into this world should not be allowed to do so. She wants to live off of her alimony and now child support so she doesn't have to work and contribute to society. She had an option to put this child up for adoption to a loving couple who could provide so much more than she can and refused because she wanted the child. While that is her decision my boyfriend should not be forced to pay for a child they agreed NOT to have.

  • YESSS, come on Trump, pass some kind of law here!!!

    Before my husband met me he had a fling with someone. He wasnt really into her, I think they were just friends but apparently she wanted more from him, while he didnt. She showed up at his house 5 months later, pregnant and tried to move her things in. He told her he didnt want anything from her but she wouldnt take no for an answer. Then he met me and she went crazy and had us followed around , she stalked us on our dates, took pictures of us and told her son that I was evil and made our lives hell. He willingly gave up all custody because she was impossible to work with and her son thinks were demons, thanks to her. And now he has to pay a ridiculous amount of child support to her, leaving me and him and our own newborn child with hardly any money. She has a brand new car AND she just had ANOTHER unwanted baby from a different guy. Hearing what happened to him, its EXACTLY what she did to us. So HOW can you justify giving someone like her more rights than my husband? Hes a good guy and he doesn't deserve to be tormented forever for a one night stand with a closet psycho. Youre saying "either dont have sex or pay child support for the next 18 years" to the men, while to the girls youre like "Ohhhh heres a hundred different options you can choose AND your insurance while cover them!" yes thats fair. What century are we in? This affects more than just the men. It affects their future families too. My husband and I, our son and whatever other children we have, have to give up our families money to some stalker girl because of one night?

  • A Mans Choice.

    Men should have the right to opt out. If the man told the woman that he wanted to have nothing to do with a child, but then she decided she was going to keep it anyway, that should be her responsibility and only hers. He should not be forced to be involved if he doesn't want to be. Things happen and when you have a woman having a keep a man baby (thinks that by having this kid he will stay with her) its sucks for all involved cause hes not going to be with her and he will not be involved in the child life, and she is the one who will have to explain why he only pays child support and want no involvement, but will she tell the truth is the question. I'm a woman and i am so against men being force to be involved when they choose not to be. We as women know what we are doing and know its not right for anyone involved but we are so bitter sometimes cause that man doesn't want us we do the unthinkable and bring misery to them not realizing we are bringing it to ourselves and the child.

  • Happening to my father..

    My father has been in an abusive, draining relationship with a horrible, manipulative and evil woman for the past couple of years. After him and my mother had me, he had a vasectomy. He had 2 tests and he was sterile. Recently, his now ex partner has become pregnant. My father has had two more sperm counts to come to the conclusion that he is still in fact 100% sterile. The doctor has said that he should have a DNA test just to be sure. He does not want another child and is too old to deal with the strain of it. He is no longer with the woman and doesn't want any ties with her, but she insists that it is his even after his sperm tests. She has finally agreed to a DNA test. How is it fair, that if a man who has gone through a vasectomy and multiple tests to prove himself, and on the unfortunate premise it may be his, he has to be stuck supporting a child he did not want and its horrible mother for the next 18 years. It is not fair. In circumstances like this, men should NOT have to support a child they did not want especially when they have proof of exhausting everything to make sure something like this wouldn't happen.

  • Yes ofcourse they should have rights

    I 1000% agree that men should have the same rights as females in regards to reproduction. Consent to sex isnt consent to birth or marry. If a pregancy occurs and is unplanned, the female has the man in a loop forever no matter his views. How is that fair? She can opt out of the responsibility if she feels she isnt ready or willing to support a child but a man has no say? Us woman fight for equality but still expect the special treatment when its to out advantage? I dont think a man has the right to decide what she should do with the child but absolutely should have the right to remove himself completely if thats what he wants, after all she has that same right doesnt she. Accidents happen and it seems that when a woman decides to sort out the unplanned pregnancy (abortion,adoprion) she is taking responsibility and making a sensible move which is best for her but when a man wants to do the same thing he is a deadbeat and a lowlife? Its not a good enough answer to say "the woman is stuck forever so its her call" when they expect a man to step up just the same. Im a female

  • Of course not

    Men have the right to opt out of child support by not having a child. Certainly, the choice to carry the child is a woman's-but the choice to engage in an act that both parties know can result in a pregnancy belongs to both men and women. If you don't want to be financially responsible for the consequence of sex, don't have sex.

  • No, men should not have rights to opt-out of child support in unwanted pregnancies.

    Men should have to pay child support even if they don't want the female partner to carry on with the pregnancy. Men are just as responsible for the initiation of a pregnancy, therefore they should be responsible for child support. If men were allowed to opt-out, it would place an unfair burden on the woman, and countless children would grow up in poor conditions.

  • Yes, men should have the same rights as a woman to opt-out, since she has the right to an abortion.

    This is all about equality. Since she has the right to not be a mother if she so chooses, a man should also have the right to not be a father, if he so chooses. I think that the argument about him not having to have sex is disingenuous. She could have also chosen to not have sex, but all of the responsibility falls on the male. She can have an abortion, and no one can say otherwise. The male is wholly dependent on "her' decision, which is unfair. I believe if she is given 24 weeks to decide on whether or not to be a mother, the male should also have the right. He could do so by writ, and have a virtual, legal abortion within a 24-week time frame (after notification).

  • Men are responsible for unwanted pregnancies, So no, They should not.

    Without any incentive to not get a woman pregnant, Men would always be pushing for sex without condoms and could never be trusted to pull out in time. As is, There are men who will pull a condom off halfway through without the permission of their partners.

    Women should not have to shoulder the entire burden of unwanted pregnancy. If you take away a man's responsibility for child support, All responsibility falls on the woman.

    As is, The biggest birth control trial for men got shut down because men could not be expected to tolerate the same side effects women do. Maybe when men start taking more responsibility for preventing pregnancy, Such as taking birth control, Then it will make sense to not hold them responsible.

    In the meantime, Vasectomies are reversible.

    Consider this article:
    https://medium. Com/s/story/men-cause-100-of-unwanted-pregnancies-eb0e8288a7e5

  • No men should not.

    A large amount of men like to just use women and leave with no consequences of their actions. If they commit the act with the women, They should be responsible and not dump it on the other person because there are people who still hold strong beliefs and are against abortion on moral and religious reasoning. When two interact they are consenting and know the outcome that can happen.

  • No. They don't.

    Male should not have the right to opt out of child support in unwanted pregnancies. Similarly, female should not have the right to terminate a pregnancy that was a result of consent relationship (unless it is a danger to her health) if the male wants to keep the baby. In that insist, the male will be given custodial right to the child upon birth and the female will have to pay child support.

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