Man beaten after car crash while bystanders yell anti-Trump taunts: Are anti-Trump activists spreading violence?

  • Hypocritical Liberals Can't deal with democracy

    They are spreading violence. This is very BLM movement in the USA. The BLM movement is saying they are victims of violence by police officers yet turn right around and assault whites just because they are white. The anti-Trump activists are the same people who have been saying Trump promotes violence and hate, yet after the election they do the same things. The hypocrisy in this situation is outrageous. All they are doing is whining because they didn't get their way. In democracy people don't always get their way, they're whining saying that Hillary should be in office but right now they're whining for a dictatorship if in their eyes a conservative shouldn't be ever be in office. You didn't see anti-Obama activists protesting in 2008 or 2012. Just suck it up and deal with the next 4 years and then you can vote again in 2020. Quit being babies.

  • Yes they are.

    The Anti-Trump activists are actually spreading violence. This is evidenced after a man was beaten after his car crashed. This happened around the bystanders that were yelling anti-Trump taunts. The protesters have actually caused a lot of harm too than good. Lots of incidents have actually occurred during their protests.

  • They believe in anarchy.

    The Trump activists believe that if they yell and scream loud enough, it will somehow override who won, according to the rules. A referee would never change the outcome of a sporting event because people rioted afterwards, but these protesters think that if they hurt others, people will come around to their demands. Kind of sounds like terrorism, actually.

  • Violence in anti-Trump protests largely non-existent, incomparable to wave of hate crimes spurred by Trump's win

    In the wake of Trump's election, bigots emboldened by the president-elect's incendiary rhetoric have come out in full force against minorities across the country. Comparatively, only one known display of violence has occurred against Trump supporters, an action which has no affiliation with anti-Trump protests. The organizers of these protests have been adamant about their non-violent stance. In Jacksonville, Florida, a protest against Trump from this past Saturday was completely peaceful. At the end of the protest, a member of the American Nazi Party appeared in a counter-protest. Nazi's, who carried out genocide, are coming out of the woodwork in post-election America. The regrettable actions of a handful are incomparable to the far-reaching violence currently being enacted by hate groups across the country.

  • No, anti-Trump activists are not spreading violence.

    No, anti-Trump activists are not spreading violence, they are simply reacting to the world they are living in. Trump has made it clear that certain people do not matter. He wants to get rid of a large portion of the US, and the only way we could be heard is by protesting.

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