• Yes, I agree.

    Ask yourself: WHO GOES TO A FOOD BANK ? Picture a homeless man, an elderly woman or a single mom with three kids but not just babies: a toddler, a second grader and a fourteen-year-old. Maybe they live in an apartment and receive food stamps on a monthly basis, maybe it’s about $200 worth. With food stamps, there are restrictions on what they can buy at the store and almost always, they’ll run out anyway. That’s why they’re at the food bank. The electricity may have just been turned off. There might not be water. Or maybe there’s no apartment at all. Many are in crisis, living in hotels or on the street.

  • We do need more food banks

    Food banks are important. Not just for the person on the receiving end, but also for the person on the giving end. Giving to a local food bank helps a person to feel connected and invested in their local community. Those that give freely to the local food bank do it voluntarily. Government subsistence assistance only comes from forcing people to pay more taxes. It is better for society as a whole if charity is done of free will.

  • Times are tough

    While I would much rather say that we do not need food banks, and that people all over the country are well fed and happy, but sadly this isn't the case. The division between rich and poor is growing, and so many more people are dependant on charity to survive.

  • We do not need more food banks

    Many food banks already exist and they are enough to meet the needs of people. Some food banks do not get enough donations already, and creating more food banks would simply create more competition for food resources. The food banks that currently operate can meet the needs better than many small food banks that might struggle.

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