• YES - Bus Drivers MUST Be Armed

    You can't drive a bus without arms, without arms you can't steer, driving a bus with your knees is dangerous. You need arms to work that thing that opens and closes the doors, turning on the lights, the windshield wipers, almost everything on the dashboard requires arms. I hate to be prejudiced, but nobody without arms should be allowed to drive a bus.

  • Yes bus drivers should be armed

    Bus drivers should be armed so that they get to defend themselves and the fellow passengers. In the Toronto TTC bus hijack case, the man allegedly forced the driver at knifepoint to run through several red lights and directed him to pull into a parking lot shared by a Tim Hortons and McDonalds, west of Sante Drive. Though , it wasnt as harmful as it could have been , things can get worse at times. Such incidents can be avoided by getting the drivers armed

  • Yes, bus drivers should be armed with a weapon for some sort of protection.

    Yes, bus drivers should carry weapons for protection. I believe that they should be able to carry weapons in order to defend themselves and anyone else that is in danger on the bus. Armed bus drivers would discourage anyone who is thinking about hijacking or attacking a bus as they could be faced with the risk of being hurt themselves. Also, if a bus driver is not armed and the bus gets hijacked, it could result in passengers on the bus also being injured.

  • Yes, Drivers have rights to protect themselves.

    Public transportation officials should give the driver the option to arm themselves if they choose to do so. Everyone has the right under the constitution of the United States to defend themselves. Each day the world is becoming a more dangerous place. An armed driver will not only protect themselves, but perhaps save lives of passengers.

  • NOT Firearms though, Allow them to carry mace and if licensed to do so, tasers

    We don't need firearms on buses. However, nonlethal or less-than-lethal weapons for self-defense are reasonable. The point is to give the bus driver the ability to incapacitate a person who is actively posing a threat on the bus. I have never heard of a case of mace being lethal, it is just very painful so they should of course be allowed to carry mace. Tasers have been lethal in some rare instances, so a license should be required.

  • They should be armed

    They should be given suicide vests and guns and then people will be scared so they can prevent crimes. This will combat terrorism and crime because people would be too scared. On a negative side no-one will want to get on the bus but at least they would be safe.

  • I was unaware

    I was unaware that they coudnt be armed oh well then if they wish to carry a gun i dont see a reason stopping them. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .

  • Well, think about it for a minute.

    Yeah, sure you can argue that the bus drivers can simply use this for their own benefit, hijacking the buses themselves, but please keep in mind there are cameras on 24/7 unless the bus driver turns them off, which would immediately raise suspicion. Think, not just public buses, but also school buses. Having young kids in danger is the worst thing to possibly happen. You simply do not want youthful people in danger because they have a possible great future ahead.

  • Every professional is.

    What makes Public Tranportation Drivers different from a cab driver, pilot, mailman? Everybody else is armed. Of all these professions, a bus driver is the most important to lives. Although every life is valuable and priceless, think about this: cabs hold <6 people, planes have multiple marshals and agents and your parcel can arrive a day late.

  • Every bus driver should be armed.

    In everyday cities there are conflicts that happen, and in cities there are a lot of busses, trains, subways etc. Many people live in cities and many people aren't sane. In a crisis situation, how would the bus driver save his own life or someone else's life? Lets support our 2nd amendment right!

  • No they should not

    They could on purpose take you and kidnapp you and use a gun to threaten you . What I think is that there should be security on each bus. For extra protection their should be 24/7 security cameras and buses should have a des tress button incase the security out

  • No, I do not think that bus drivers should be armed with weapons.

    No, I do not think that bus drivers should be armed with weapons because these individuals could kill more people by mistake and bus drivers aren't police officers and shouldn't be allowed to carry weapons to defend people. I believe that bus drivers are there to drive buses and not defend the lives of people with weapons.

  • Not an armed bus driver but a certified and trained armed security guard

    With the Paris attacks, bombings all over the country of Turkey, the San Bernardino shootings, and the bombings at the Brussels airport and metro station, I believe we need to add more security measures to keep our people safe. How much of our own blood must be split before we make a change for a safer tomorrow?

  • No they should not.

    Bus drivers shouldn't be armed. There's a discreet emergency call button under the drivers seat (At least in NYC and many east coast cities) that when flipped, sends an alert to the nearest police precinct and, for good measure, makes the sign above the bus (The one that normally displays the route number) flash EMERGENCY: CALL POLICE. The only danger is if a man or woman steps onto the bus and kills the driver with no warning. But, not to be morbid, even if the bus driver was armed in that scenario, he wouldn't have time to draw his weapon.

    Posted by: H501
  • Conservative for Gun Control

    All gun nuts do is think about how to cure a symptom but not a cause.
    The ready availability of guns is exactly why a busdriver might get threatened with a gun.
    You don't see Europeans worrying about busdrivers getting threatened with guns.
    And offcourse i expect people to bring up terrorism seeing the recent events, but what are the statistical odds of that happening.

  • Mandatory- No, Encouraged - Yes

    Bus drivers should be permitted, and encouraged to carry weapons to protect themselves, however it should not be a requirement. A knife will rarely assist a untrained individual, so if one wanted to protect bus drivers he would have to give them some sort of combat training, and that idea is redicoulus. A bus driver should be encouraged to chooses to carry a weapon, but not required since it would rarely help.

  • This will lead to more conflict

    Sure, it would enforce protection, but more conflict isn't necessary, as it would make the situation far worse. It would startle the passengers, it would be pretty much giving the bus driver a right to kill. Bus drivers are bus drivers for a reason, they drive the bus; they can't do two things at a time. I'd suggest having a bodyguard for the bus with no illegal firearms, but only have a bodyguard in the most crime afflicted parts of the world.

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