• Some monsters are in need of extermination through the legal system.

    This one especially is in need of extermination through the legal system, as he is a product of a plague that humanity is afflicted with. That plague is a lack of morality, a lack of decency, a lack of care for others. We should not waste taxpayer dollars taking care of this man - we should be making it so he is NEVER able to walk the streets again.

  • Yes, the man should get the death penalty for injecting a woman with AIDS.

    When he injected the woman with AIDS, the man knew he was sentencing her to a slow and agonizing death. He knew it would kill her and he knew it would make her suffer. He also knew that her quality of life and relationships would be irreversibly compromised for the rest of her life. For knowingly submitting her to a shortened lifespan, and one filled with torture at that, he murdered her. It is premeditated murder even if her death takes years to occur.

  • Man injects a woman with AIDS: Should he receive the death penalty?

    Yes that man injected that woman with something that will sooner or later kill her. Almost like a lethal injection which is what he would be getting if he gets the death penalty. That could also be considered torture because she is going though this slowly and painfully. In conclusion i think this man should get death penalty for the crime he has created.

  • No, he should not receive the death penalty.

    No, he should not receive the death penalty because the death penalty should be abolished. Who are we to play God? If someone commits a crime, he or she should go to jail, but they should not be put down. There could be evidence in the future that would clear this person.

  • Weshouldnot punish people withthe death penalty.

    Doing so only places our actions in league with those who perpetrate such crimes. people like the man above obviously suffer from mental deficiencies and need to be treated and isolated from society where they cannot harm others, but taking their olives into our hands is just as unconscionable as his crime. No one has the right to play God.

  • He should receive a life sentence.

    Bearing in mind the severity of this crime, I do not believe that this man should receive the death penalty. Injecting someone with AIDS will cause this woman health complications for the rest of her life, perhaps even her life. While this is an incredibly terrible crime, I do not believe that the death penalty is humane. Instead, the man should receive a life sentence for his actions.

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