Man locked in closet by police awarded $22 million: Should other victims of police brutality get monetary compensation as well?

  • Yes, victims of police brutality should be compensated.

    Yes, anyone who has suffered at the hands of police is entitled to compensation. Legal action should also be taken to ensure the officers responsible are properly punished, but monetary compensation to help cover any legal or medical fees the victim and compensate for pain and suffering should also be awarded.

  • Yes, All the oppressed must take the right

    Since the state signed a document about human rights they must comply with all its terms, and in the case of any breaches the party how are responsible of this breaches to bear results. In this case they should pay for victims and Punish the perpetrator with the punishment that he deserves

  • Yes, victims should be compensated.

    Police brutality is a very serious issue. Victims being compensated would help discourage any blatant abuse of power as well as ease any trauma, financial loss, or medical issues arising from incidents. There is a need for massive reform within the justice system; financially funding those wronged by it would be a huge step towards better relations with the public at large.

  • Victims of police brutality should get monetary compensation

    While I completely agree that victims of police brutality should get monetary compensation, I also think not every complaint should result in what amounts to a monetary shakedown. In these times where the police are seen as the enemy, it's far too easy for a claim to be brought and settlement made because it is cheaper than the alternative.

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