• Yes it was

    Man of Steel was a good movie.
    It is the the 56th highest ranking movie in all of America.
    That means it beat the incredibles, The Lego movie, and The Matrix. The MATRIX! The movie that revolutionised special FX!

    It portrayed a different side of Superman. A side we had yet to see. One that showed that we are ALL human. That life is not perfect. It's not always turn back time and fix things so every body lives happily ever after. Because not every thing has a happy ending. Even the end of the movie didn't end well for the Man of Steel. Clark now has to live with the guilt of killing the last of has own kind!
    In conclusion, Man of Steel is a movie that may not have made it out of the 50's in highest grossing rankings. It may not have gotten the best reviews, but Man of Steel is a movie that will be remembered for generations and generations to come.
    I feel Man of Steel is a misunderstood movie. If you take time and think about what it means, Man of Steel has so many metaphors and parallels to real life. It shows NOBODY is invincible. Not even Man of Steel.



  • Man of Steel was excellent

    It really was an epic story and an excellent reboot of Superman. While critics tend to bash it, on various websites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, fans generally view it very favourably. Again on YouTube, I see pages upon pages of praise for Man of Steel. I honestly do not know why the critics bashed this movie...

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