Man plunges under ice 3 times to save wife trapped in west Quebec lake. Do his acts reflect true love?

  • How could it not?

    If my loved one was in a deadly situation, I'd do anything to help them even if it mean't risking my own life. Even if it was someone who I didn't know, i'd still do anything to help and try save them (perhaps not diving into freezing water, though), but risking your own life for the sake of another is definitely a sign of true love, or at the very very least, true care.

  • He was trying to help.

    Yes, the man who plunged under the ice to save his wife showed love, because he was willing to do whatever he had to do to save his life. That's a lot of risk that he took to save his wife's life, and he probably wouldn't have done that to save another person.

  • Yes, it truly does.

    Yes, a man plunging under ice three times to save his trapped wife reflects true, genuine love. This man loves his wife so much that he cannot bear to see her perish in the icy waters. He risks his own life to save her. He put his safety aside to save the woman he loves.

  • This is true love

    This is an example of true love. This is how men who love their wives will act when extremes and danger come for someone in their family. The man risked his life not only once but three times. It would be nice if he received a medal for his act.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Yes, this guy is a man who really loves his wife, he was ready to die if she died. Still, I tip my hat to this man, this is how a man should act : do everything you can to save someone you love. Also how a women should act.

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