• The dog is a hero

    This dog should be credited for saving the man's life. This dog should be considered a hero! These types of stories come out all the time, dogs saving the lives of their owners. They are incredibly smart and loyal companions, and have proven why they deserve to be called Man's Best Friend.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Bob’s closest neighbor is about a quarter mile away, and couldn’t hear his calls for help. Luckily Kelsey, his loyal Golden retriever, was by his side. For 20 hours Bob laid paralyzed in the snow outside his home, with temperatures dropping to 24 degrees, wearing only long johns and a shirt. Kelsey laid on top of him, keeping him warm, and continually licked his face and hands to keep him awake. Bob eventually lost consciousness, but Kelsey never stopped trying to help.

  • Yes, I think this man's dog saved his life.

    Yes, I'm quite sure this man would be dead if it weren't for the courage and conviction of his dog to attend to him in the freezing snow. Injuries like this man sustained can quickly cause the body to perish without someone, or in this case, a dog, to help keep the person conscious as long as possible, share body warmth, and try its best to bring the attention of the neighbors.

  • Yes, the dog saved his life.

    The man that was rescued by his pet dog would not be alive if it were not for the dog's action. Dog's form a strong bond with their owners - often identifying as being a member of a pack. Therefore, dogs make extremely loyal pets and often come to the aid of their human owners.

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