Man seen scaling side of Trump Tower: Has the presidential campaign brought out all the crazies?

  • Yes, This Presidential Election has brought out Extremists for Both Parties

    Yes, the 2016 US Presidential Election has prompted an increase in extremists for both parties. The rise of Trump on the right has created Republican extremists, while Bernie Sanders's rise on the Left has created another group of extremists. These groups have demonstrated absolutist behavior that is not conducive to a constructive environment politically. I think that this election brought out these people due to the candidates that ran. Some of the candidates sought to break political traditions, which is a notion that many people agreed with.

  • Yes the presidential campaighn has brought out a lot of crazies on both sides of the political spectrum.

    This election cycle is unique and very nutso. People of all kinds have come out of the woodwork to either support or denounce candidates. However, the candidates themselves are not quite there. Supporters of democratic candidates have done things like disrupt conservative and other democratic rallies, the
    DNC leaks that have caused scandal among the Hillary camp as well as her nomination at the Democratic convention has caused people to turn away from the party to other third parties. Trump rallies have turned violent and many other crazy things have happened.

  • Yes, I believe that more crazy people will start to emerge during this election

    Yes, I believe that more crazy people will start to emerge during this election. The fact that Donald Trump is a candidate in the presidential election will bring out a wide variety of crazy people. Most people probably did not expect him to get this far in the election. He is very controversial.

  • Yes, this campaign is one of a kind

    Everything goes is the motto of the USA today. If you disagree with something, you are a bad person. And in the case of Donald Trump and his followers, all the more freely do they now run about. The leadership represented by Trump has given justification and excuse to people everywhere to behave recklessly.

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