Man sued for faulty Craigslist transaction: should the site be closed?

  • Craigslist should be closed after man was sued

    An innocent $40 printer resulted in almost $30,000 in legal fees for a man who used Craigslist as many do: to sell items they don't need anymore. But given the litigious hassle that this man suffered, Craigslist should be closed before other members of the site have to endure the same fate.

  • Yes, the Craigslist site should be closed.

    Craigslist has a problem monitoring their site resulting in many problems. Yes, buyers have to beware of scams, but there seems to be no reasonable guarantees that what is being sold on Craigslist is legitimate. Also, many people working the system are flagging and deleting legitimate posts so that theirs will have more visibility and less competition.

  • No, Craigslist should not be shut down due to faulty transactions

    Websites dealing in interpersonal transactions needn't be closed because of individual negligence. This not only punishes those who conduct their business activities safely and effectively, but also assumes that everyone will be taken advantage of when using them. These sites offer disclaimers informing people of what to look for in less than honest dealings and assume that the buyer or seller can abide by them. These disclaimers are meant to protect the individual, of course, but mostly stand to ensure the site's protection. If every person being ripped off from an online deal had the website used shut down, there would be extremely few of these types of sites left and further legal proceedings would likely ensue against sites like this existing at all. One person's negligence or bad luck should not affect everyone's ability to use sites dealing in interpersonal deals.

  • No, Craigslist should not be closed due to the poor experiences of one user.

    The situation involving the man sued for a "faulty" transaction on Craigslist was unfortunate for multiple reasons, but I am a firm believer that the misguuided actions of one should not necessarily dictate or change the rules for all. Craigslist has proven itself a valuable resource for many people looking to buy or sell used goods, find or post a job, or even make a romantic connection. While yes, it has in the past come under fire for events that occurred as a result of in-person transactions, Craigslist as a company and as a website is not at fault. It is incumbent upon the people who use the site to a) be honest and law-abiding when representing themselves or their goods, and/or b) use caution and good judgement when conducting business or pleasure. To shut down the entire site based on the actions of a few who cannot follow those rules would be insulting and inconvenient to the people who do find true merit in the use of the site, and as such, Craigslist should not be held responsible for the misdeeds of others.

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