• Face Trial and Serve Punishment before Deportation

    Although the article references an act of rape that occurred in New Zealand, I'm using America as the location of the crime for my opinion. (Also assuming the person is not a US citizen)

    A full list of crimes that can result in non-citizens becoming deportable can be found at Section 237(a) of the Immigration and National Act - with rape being one of them (Aggravated Felony).

    The rapist should be tried in the jurisdiction the crime occurred and if found guilty serve their, preferably life, prison sentence where necessary. Once the prison term is complete, the rapist should be deported to their country of origin.

  • Yes, the man who raped a teen girl should be deported if he s not an American citizen

    Yes, the man who raped a teen girl should be deported if he s not an American citizen. This man committed a serious crime that harmed another person. He should not be allowed to stay in this country if he is not a permanent citizen. The US should not house anther country's criminals.

  • Break the law, go home

    Yes, the man who raped a teen girl should be deported, if he is an illegal immigrant. Coming to the United States implies a willingness to follow the laws of the land. If someone is not willing to do this, they should be deported. The fact that his particular crime was rape should not be a factor, simply the fact that he committed a crime.

  • No, he should be jailed.

    If he is deported he might never face trial and the girl might never recieve justice. It is much better to have him face the charges where the rape occured, and then after the trial is over and after he finishes any time he that has to serve he should be deported for violating the terms of his visa.

  • Yes, rape is a serious offense.

    Yes, a man who rapes a teenager should face deportation if he is not native to the country in which the crime was committed. Rape is just as serious a crime as murder, and it has many lasting effects on its victims. In matters of immigration, convicted rapists should not be allowed to stay.

  • The Gov't Said No.

    That decision is best left up to the tribunal and not up to citzens in general. They [the tribunal] weighed in on his life in New Zealand versus being deported back to India while finding success his new country after he has served in their prisons for his proven rape conviction.

    He's served time under NZ law and should be allowed to legally do as he please. No one likes a rapist but he's served his time and it's fair for him to live his new life as long as he does not repeats his offenses.

  • He should not.

    I will assume the question implies this is an illegal alien. Rapists should not be told to return to the start position, get a reset, and try again to enter illegally into this country. Deportation ought to be reserved for those who have merely violated our immigration laws by coming here illegally. The punishment for violent felonies, of which rape is one, should be capital punishment. Perhaps deport his body after the sentence is carried out. It's wrong to simply kick him out of our house so he can go home and have wet dreams about what he did.

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