Man who tried to interviene in mall shooting was the only person killed. Is he a hero?

  • Yes Jonathan Murphy, the shooting victim, should be considered a hero

    Jonathan Murphy who was murdered after intervening during an attempted robbery by two men should be hailed as a hero. He was an everyday person attempting to keep others from getting hurt. In all likelihood his actions kept one or more of the store's clerks from being shot by the robbers.

  • Yes, the private citizen was a hero

    As a private citizen, he choose to intervene with an armed robbery, to help the innocents people around him. The mall shooting was a sad event for all those involved because it was a theft gone wrong. The private citizen was a hero for trying to do the right thing and protect those in the jewelry store.

  • Yes, he is a hero.

    The man is considered a hero because he did put the life of others before his, something that is very rare, and who knows maybe had he not done that a lot of live would have been lost. His life is a sacrifice, he died that many may live. He is a hero.

  • Yes he is a hero.

    The individual named Jonathan Murphy stopped and robbery. He paid for it with his life. He should be considered a hero because he prevented criminals from robbing a store and help keep society safe. He was described as a family man. He should be remembered for his courageous behavior. His actions help keep people safe and lead to the arrest of dangerous criminals.

  • Hell no .

    Superman's a hero, even god damn aquaman is a hero, can talk to the fishes and shit, all he was is just a guy with a gun, nothing more, nothing less.

    Hey who knows if people would have even died if he didn't start shooting? They were robbing a store not planning mass murder so maybe he actually caused those deaths you don't know.

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