Man who was struck by lightning seven times: Do you think certain people are more prone to being struck?

  • It's All in the Body

    Every person is different. They react to things differently and they even do things differently than other people. That goes for what is inside our bodies too. We all have the same basic organs but our body reacts differently. This person could have something in his body that attracts lightning or he just goes outside in storms with a lot of electronics and/or metal on his person.

  • We are made up of electrical impulses

    Within your chest is a beating heart. Its beats are started by one point, a pulsing cell with an electrical impulse. Walking across a shag carpet in winter can make the hair all the way on the other side of your body, stand on end. We are electrical conduits and even produce our own electric field. Of course someone could have a magnetic personality for lightning strikes.

  • No, certain people are not more prone to being struck by lightning.

    No, certain people are not more prone to being struck by lightning because there is no scientific evidence that indicates that specific people can be selected and struck repeatedly. People that are struck by lightning more than once usually have jobs that expose them to areas where lightning strikes are common.

  • Stop walking outside during a storm!

    Being struck seven times by lightning tells me someone hasn't learned to heed storm warnings from the weather service. It's understandable that situations will arise when you have to brave a storm, but those are relatively few and far between. You have to be smart and protect yourself and getting struck by lightning that many times tells me this guy is not taking the proper steps for his own safety.

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