• Man is better physical and mentally.

    I really don't want to repeat what I have said in my debate so if you want to know my reasons please go to the debate section and search is man better than woman. But like I said that is the debating section and this is the opinion section so yeah.

  • Really dumb debate

    I'm not voting "woman", I'm voting NO to this entire debate. They're hardly comparable, every person has their own strengths and weaknesses and its hard to constrain these under "man" and "woman" because we aren't homogenous groups.
    Deciding which sex is better based on some arbitrary factor like who can run fastest is really petty.

  • No way dude

    A woman is just as smart mentally and lower body. Any one who says otherwise is stupid. S T U P I D. It is just a fact of life. Just beacuse the running for president is mostly men that does not mean woman have less leverage than men
    by meep909

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