Mandatory calorie counts on menus: Do consumers have a right to know the calories on the menu?

  • Consumers Menu Rights

    Consumers do have the right to know the caloric content of the meals of which they are eating. McDonalds and Wendys have been instrumental in listing the caloric content of their foods because the restaurants are know to have foods that are detrimental to the consumer's health. Consumers have rights.

  • Consumers don't want to know the calories on the menu.

    People usually go out to eat to have a good time and enjoy good food. They do not want their meal to become disturbed with scientific data and nutrition information. Also, nutrition information only tells you recommended daily values. We are all free people and we can choose to eat what owe want. Most people can generally determine how healthy a food is by the name and the ingredients. Nutrition information is not relevant.

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