Mandatory calorie counts on menus: Do mandatory calorie counts improve consumer choice?

  • Yes, It Forces People To Think

    Calorie counting forces a person to rethink some of their food choices before eating. More information is always better. However, there will always be people who ignore the calorie numbers anyway. Calorie counting is an important part of dieting, but if a person truly wants to lose weight, they need to exercise as well.

  • Information = Informed choice

    Information = Informed choice. As someone who is NOT fat ...I value the fact that I can evaluate my lunch, before I eat it! I would even go further to say that Restaurants should pay fines for NOT making calories, ingredients and portion sizes available on the menu.
    We are a nation of fatties. We used to be normal weight...Now almost 60% of America is OBESE! OMG! Restaurant portions, fat, salt and calories and appetites are out of control. I want some personal control back with informed decision making. If I have to eat out I want to know what I am eating unlike all you fatties!

  • I think it does.

    If I go to a restaurant and sit down for a meal I expect to have whatever I want, but what I want could definitely change if there was a calorie count next to each of the different things, say you wanted lobster or steak, both sound good, well if one of them is 500 calories less then the other I think I know what I would be getting.

  • Some food items are not healthy.

    Although calorie counts can help people to better understand what they are eating, sometimes people want to eat unhealthy food. I am so sick of the health nuts of this world trying to push their agenda on everyone else. If I want to eat that 2000 calorie Big Mac I should be allowed to eat it.

  • People eat what they want and calories counts only work for those who believe in the concept

    Many people do not believe that calories are the only thing that effects weight and so they simply do not pay any attention to the attempts of our government to control their eating habits. Adults should be allowed to live as they wish as long as they do not infringe on the rights of other citizens.

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