Mandatory calorie counts on menus: Is it better to have calorie info on menus vs. somewhere else?

  • Calorie Information Should Be on Menus

    I think having calorie information on menus would be very helpful to consumers. It may help people think twice about what they are ordering. I think the more nutritional information that is easily accessible, the better. Putting the information on menus would be great, but making it available elsewhere, such as the Internet, would also be helpful.

  • It is not better to have calorie info on menus.

    Having calorie information on a menu of a place that you go to is more of nice thing to see, but no one really pays any attention to it. When you go out to eat, it is more than likely that you are going out with the thought that you are already going to eat a certain food. Your hunger overrides the thought of how many calories an item has. Even McDonald's calorie info is ignored despite most of its food being extremely high in calories, people just want to eat tasty food.

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