Mandatory calorie counts on menus: Is mandating calorie counts on restaurant menus good public policy?

  • Calorie information should be on restaurant menus

    I strongly believe that calorie information on restaurant menus should be mandated under law. America has the highest obesity rate in the industrialized world, along with one of the highest rates of incidence of diabetes. People have a basic right to know the information about what they put into their bodies so they can make informed nutritional choices.

  • Yes, customers should be aware of calories.

    Yes, I believe customers should be aware of the calories in the items they purchase from restaurants. Companies are required to put calorie counts on food items sold at the grocery store so that consumers can choose (if they would like) to see the amount of calories in the foods they purchase. There should not be an exception for restaurants. The obesity epidemic is on the rise, and customers should not eat calorie-laden foods without realizing the implications. Putting the calorie count on the menu is critical to help with that.

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