Mandatory counseling of women seeking abortions: Should women be required to receive mandatory counseling prior to an abortion?

  • Yes they should

    They should be forced to listen to the heart beat, look at the sonogram and learn the gender of their child. The doctor should explain what will happen to the baby and than she can make her choice. This way we don't have stupid selfish women who have been tricked by eugenics groups into thinking killing babies is ok. Anyone who gets an abortion after listening to try heart beat if their child is sick and cruel.

  • Yes. Women should be sure they are making their own decision.

    Yes. Many times, a woman seeking an abortion is doing so at the pressure of her significant other, or even close friends and family. I feel that every woman should undergo mandatory counseling to ensure the decision she is making is truly her own decision. This will also make living with either choice much healthier for the woman involved.

  • This should be an option, not a requirement

    To even think that women who are receiving an abortion have not labored over this decision seems quite heartless to me. Having an abortion is a very tough decision, and most women have probably labored over whether or not to do this long enough. If they want counseling it should be available, but requiring it would be an unneeded burden.

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