Mandatory daily physical exercise for school children: Should daily physical exercise be mandatory for school children?

  • Physical education please

    I am for it because we should get enough workout i am a student and i think we need physical education from our teacher and we should not stay like a wobbly jelly or a couch potato etc so i think we should do that thank you very very much

  • Children need activity

    School children should have some form of exercise on a daily basis. It doesn't have to be a "sport" just something fun and active. Childhood obesity is growing and kids now spend much more time sitting at a desk, sitting using ipads, and sitting playing video games. They need activity and exercise in school will help them focus.

  • Recess or PE

    Children in schools should have mandatory daily physical exercise, either in the form of recess or physical education class. Exercise improves brain function, decreases stress and simply gets the blood pumping. Sometimes, physical exercise in school is the only time kids get such activities, so kids who need it the most will benefit.

  • Daily physical exercise should be mandatory for school children.

    Daily physical exercise should be mandatory for school children. I thought that it already was mandatory for schools to have their students take a physical education course from first grade through high school. I think it is important for students to get some sort of exercise in school when some of them are not getting any of it at home.

  • Yes, exercise should be mandatory for school children.

    Up until a certain school level, such as high school, gym should be required for students, especially in the United States. School children need to learn how to exercise and stay in shape, especially since this instruction is often being neglected at home. Kids at home often will just sit in front of the television or play video games. But gym should also be fun, and not competitive. My school made it so competitive and the instructors were so forceful, that most kids hated gym class and were eager to be through with it, giving exercise a bad name.

  • It's for the best.

    Studies have proven that the average human needs some form of exercise, at least 30 minutes, a day to maintain a decent health. That being said, I see absolutely nothing wrong with children in school having to do mandatory exercise daily. It doesn't have be anything crazy, just a simple 20 minute walk outside or in the gymnasium during the colder months.

  • Run Forrest run

    Every kid should have a strong physical education program in there school. This goes for children both elementary middle and high school. Childhood obesity leads to heart problems and diabetes in adulthood. There are ready too many overweight children in America already. So they need to have a gym class.

  • Yes, exercise improves health and quality of life.

    Yes, daily physical exercise should be mandatory for school children, because exercise is important to one's health. The childhood obesity rate is skyrocketing in the United States. Children are becoming more attached to sedentary activities around the home, such as playing video games, and do not play outside as often as children once did. Unfortunately, we can't rely on all parents to always properly care for their children and mandatory daily exercise at school is one way to make children be more active and prevent childhood obesity and childhood diabetes.

  • Am i the only one who disagrees?

    NO PE shouldn't be required at all during the day. Sometimes they do insane things (i once had to run 5 miles as a punishment and as a 7 year old at the time, that was unfair). All the exercise will make you tired making you do bad in your work. People say the reason we are fat is because we have access to a lot of candy. However, in the past there was much more accessible candy (quoted from another post somewhere on here).

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