Mandatory delay period for women seeking abortions: Should a delay period for women seeking abortions be mandatory?

  • Mandatory delay periods should be required by women seeking abortions.

    Killing a 10 week old fetus is the same thing as killing a 10 year old child because they are both humans/Homo sapiens/people or whatever you want to call it. Making the parent wait longer to have the abortion will reduce the chance of the parent actually having the abortion as some pro abortionists have more sympathy for the human the longer it has been a human in it's mother's stomach. Therefore, imposing these wait times will save at least some babies' lives which is a good thing is any situation.

  • There should not be a mandatory delay period for women seeking abortions.

    There should not be a mandatory delay period for women seeking abortions. Have we forgotten about rape? What about the women that are raped that end up pregnant by their attacker. They should not be forced to wait to have an abortion. Also, by making a woman wait has not led to them changing their minds in most cases. You are just giving the fetus more time to develop which will lead to harder strains on women.

  • Mandatory Waiting Periods Don't Agree With Personal Freedom

    When it comes to abortions, women shouldn't be required to undergo a delay period by law. A woman should be able to agree to an abortion after thinking about the issue themselves. By placing a delay period in a woman's hands, the government would be infringing upon that woman's personal freedoms.

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