Mandatory drug testing for public officials: Should continued office for public officials be dependent on (successfully) taking a drug test?

  • There should be mandatory drug testing for public officials.

    I believe that there should definitely be mandatory drug
    tests for public officials. I can’t
    believe that we aren’t doing this already.
    A kid that wants to work at a fast food restaurant has to get a drug
    test to get hired, but we don’t give drug tests to the public officials that
    make the laws that run our country.

  • Yes, they set an example.

    Yes, public officials should take drug tests as a condition of their elected position, because it increases efficiency and sets a good example to the public. An elected official cannot effectively govern if they abuse substances. It is also important that elected officials set a good example for citizens, and for children, and they cannot do this if they have substance abuse issues.

  • The effectiveness a anyone in their job should be the only factor in whether or not they are hired.

    If a public official can do their job at an exceptional level while using drugs, so be it. Hiring should not depend on a persons personal life, it should depend on their job effectiveness. This is a right we have worked for and it shouldn't be denied. Three more words.

  • No for thc

    Should not test for thc. The official should be judged on his/her work ethic, results, and overall effectiveness. Testing of thc is a violation of individual civil liberties. Smoking tobacco isn't a discriminator. Drinking alcohol isn't a discriminator. And apparently being total moron isn't a discriminator. So use of thc shouldn't be a discriminator either.

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