Mandatory drug tests of welfare recipients: Should welfare recipients be forced to take mandatory drug tests?

  • They should be required to take a drug test

    I notices a comment on the side where people say no they shouldn't get drug tested and it said, "stop hating people for being poor." That is probably one of the dumbest thing I have ever heard and I've heard all the stuff about black lives matter. We don't hate people for being poor we hate the fact that people are getting the money we work our butts off to get and using it for drugs and other things that support their habits. So yes I believe that they should be required to submit a drug test. The people who work their butts off have to pass drug tests in order to work so why can't people who are receiving welfare pass a drug test?

  • Meeting the same standards as other government employees.

    I do agree everyone is entitled to be protected under the fourth amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches. However, I do not think getting drug tested violates the fourth amendment. If it does, then it is a small price to pay for receiving financial aid. The government is not coming into your home and taking something from you. You are the one asking them for help. Not to mention this is the same standard other government employees have to follow when they get paid. Many people think Welfare recipients are being picked on for being poor. They are simply being held to the same standard as most average workers. Also, people in need a financial assistance should not be able to afford illegal substances. Therefore, a drug test should not even be a concern.

  • If the government is going to give somebody money to live their life, then that money should going to their welfare, and only their welfare.

    Drug abuse is definitely a problem here in the United States, and this would be a good beginning to finding a solution for this. These people are living off of tax payer money, and I'm sure that you would not want anyone using your money to fuel their smack addiction.

  • Yes they should

    People don't want to see their money going to welfare recipients that abuse this right. Those people should be more grateful for the money they get. Implementing mandatory drug testing would enhance what tax payers money go towards, and in the end would improve the lives of those who are abusing the welfare system, by making them quit their habits.

  • Yes, welfare recipients should be forced to take mandatory drug tests.

    Yes, welfare recipients should be forced to take mandatory drug tests. I have to take drug tests in order to get a money from a job, so why should they be allowed to get free money from the government without proving that they are not on drugs? It is a completely unfair double standard.

  • Taxpayers Need to See if Investment Pays Off

    Taxpayers should be able to see if their investment pays off and isn't going towards some nasty habits. Plus, drug and alcohol addiction keeps people on welfare even longer because these types of people don't feel motivated to get jobs. Drug testing welfare recipients should become the normal practice in America because drugs are such a huge problem today.

  • Welfare recipients should be forced to take mandatory drug tests.

    People who are on welfare should not be permitted to take drugs. If the taxpayers are supporting welfare recipients, they should at least have to try to find employment. It is not right for a drug addict to be able to live without ever having to work in their life.

  • Yes they should!

    Yes, welfare recipients should be tested for drug use, and if they are on drugs, they must be kicked off welfare. I wish there was a way to test for alcohol use as well. We're not paying our tax money to sponsor junkies and drunkards so that they can live without working.

  • Test Welfare Recipients for Drugs

    Currently, welfare recipients are not required to submit to drug testing to gain benefits. They should be required to do so, however. If welfare recipients had to be drug tested, fewer people would sit around and milk the system for their monthly entitlement allowance. Causing welfare recipients to be tested would either require them to go back to work or to forgo their benefits until they were drug-free.

  • Welfare recipients should not be forced to take mandatory drug tests.

    Welfare recipients should not be forced to take mandatory drug tests. We do not support them so that we can intrude in their lives. If we started mandatory drug tests then we would be taking away not only their source to feed themselves but for their families to be able to eat as well.

  • Testing isn't required.

    There is no reason to test welfare recipients for drugs. This is just another class warfare item from the Republican party, who want to divert money spent on social services over to their corporate welfare buddies (who somehow are never required to pee in a cup for their checks). Stop hating people for being poor.

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