Mandatory drug tests of welfare recipients: Would the practice stigmatize welfare recipients?

  • Welfare Recipients Are Stigmatized

    For people that are not familiar with the varying assistance programs available to people, they have already stigmatized those that receive assistance. Most people do not seem to understand that there are not any straight forward welfare programs left. Drug testing in these cases would prove nothing. Most people who receive benefits are working, they just aren't being paid a liveable wage by their employers.

  • Being poor isn't your fault

    Every time a law is passed to screen welfare recipients for drug use, it's always found that very few of them are actually failing the tests. Most welfare recipients can barely provide for their families as is, and many are indeed looking for work. Being on welfare or unemployment is a lot of work and a lot of paperwork, and a lot of the angry middle class don't seem to realize this. Now, how about all these politicians getting caught for drugs? Isn't that what they call a double-standard?

  • Yes, the pracitce of requiring drug tests would stigmatize welfare recipients.

    The act of requiring a drug test of a specific group of people automatically enforces the idea that a drug test is necessary for that group of people. Whether or not a majority of the group actually needs to be drug-tested, the fact that enough people (apparently) do that the government sees it fit to make drug testing mandatory gives the public a negative view of the group as a whole. So yes, requiring drug tests would stigmatize welfare recipients.

  • Mandatory drug testing is unjust not to mention expensive

    Welfare recipients have committed no crime, they are merely poor, therefore it is unjust to drug test them and to drug test them would definitely stigmatize them and make them hostile to a system apparently set up to humiliate them. When a politician lies or acts like a doofus, do we drug test him or her? To drug test a welfare recipient is to pile a new woe upon an old. Also, the practice is so expensive (as proven in Florida, when they experimented with the practice) that it penalizes taxpayers as well as recipients. It is done for ideological reasons, not for common-sense, economic, or humanitarian reasons.

  • Mandatory drug tests should be required

    If I am expected to feed your children, the least you can do is pass a sile drug test torove you are willing and able to work, and not just spending your days partying. I realize some people on social programs are not there by choice, but I personally know of individuals who lie and cheat the system. My brother-in-laws are useless drug addicts, both with illegitimate children, both lying on income taxes and working construction under the table to not pay taxes, but they are so willing to collect those taxes that I and many other honest hard working people pay. Pass a drug test and prove you are not a drag on society, them I may be willing to accept you just fell on hard times and need some assistance to get back on your feet. The fact you do not want to take a drug test to me
    Roves you are the stereotypical alcoholic drug user fucking all day long since you don't have a job to go to.

  • No, lots of people drug test.

    No, mandatory drug tests of welfare recipients should not stigmatize welfare recipients, because there are a lot of people, employed and unemployed, that have to drug test. People who work in a variety of professions have to drug test. Those who are on probation are no different. People value the welfare program and its integrity, and would not stigmatize those who drug test for welfare any more than they already stigmatize those who receive welfare.

  • Taxpayers Want Investment Spent Wisely

    People on welfare are already stigmatized--being unemployed for a long time or being a single mother with seven children is already a "scarlet letter" on the chest of tens of millions of Americans. If we're not married white heterosexuals, everyone else is an aberration. Forget Hitler's "Aryan" race--white men have run America into the ground by stigmatizing everyone who doesn't follow their Protestant Christian believe system. Drug tests don't stigmatize welfare recipients--our own leaders stigmatize welfare recipients by not giving our citizens the means to get off public assistance in the first place. When single mothers are neglected, abused and raped by their "baby daddies," that's the problem that needs to be solved by the "Grumpy Old (White) People" (GOP).

  • If you really need the assistance than it is not a stigmatation

    No, I do not think that mandatory drug testing would stigmatize welfare recipients. Some people really need the assistance while others are taking advantage of the system. Drug testing is one way to weed out those that are using the system to fund their habits instead of as a helping hand to get out of the situation that brought them to need the assistance in the first place.

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