Mandatory flu shots: Should flu shots be mandatory?

  • No one likes flu shots

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  • It should never be mandatory.

    Flu shots should never be mandatory. Some people are unable to get flu shots because they have egg allergies. Other people do not believe in getting flu shots because they fear vaccinations may lead to autism. It has also been said that flu shots can increase the chance of dementia in later years. Only the person getting the flu shot should be the one deciding whether or not it is worth the risk.

  • No, a person should have a right to their own body.

    No, flu shots should not be mandatory, because a person should have a right to decide what is going in their own body. There are some risks associated with a flu shot, and some people get sick from the shot. Because the shot is a body intrusion, the person, not the governmnet, should be the one to decide whether the shot is worth the risk.

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