Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods: Is labeling GM foods economically sound?

  • Yes it is the best thing to do

    People have a right to choose what they buy. We have fought so hard to make sure all food is labeled properly so why would we stop now at GM foods. If you don't give people the information they need you are simply lying to the consumer and trying to trick them.

  • It Really Shouldn't Matter

    I do not believe it should really matter if labeling all genetically modified foods is economically sound. I believe consumers have a right to know what they are purchasing, and even more important that they know what they are eating. I think these companies should be made to label their products for what they are, not what they want them to be. Economically, they are making more money with these foods, so they shouldn't worry about the small costs in labeling, unless they're trying to hide something.

  • Labeling GM foods is economically sound.

    Labeling GM foods is economically sound. I would like to know what I am eating before I eat it. Genetically Modified foods are not that good for your health. I think they should be required to label it before selling it so the consumer can make a smart decision before buying it.

  • Tell people what they are eating.

    Genetically modified foods should be labeled. All foods require labels in the United States. Adding a comment to a label saying that a food is genetically modified will not cost companies any extra money. If the concern is that less people will buy the food, it is only morally correct to let people make their own decisions. There will always be people willing to eat genetically modified foods whether they do not care about eating healthy or because of the cost. Labeling is not going to harm the industry.

  • Labeling Foods Will Turn Off Consumers

    If the government requires the FDA to label foods with genetically modified components, many consumers will be turned off by it and go for more natural alternatives. Labeling will eventually be required so consumers can make choices. However, it may not be economically sound because not everyone wants their food messed with in this fashion.

  • It's a huge waste of money and effort for no return.

    Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods is simply another agenda item from the smug camps of the so-called "health conscious" nannies that are running our government. It will have absolutely no change on the purchasing habits of individuals, which will then upset the nannies, who will find something even more extreme to become preoccupied with forcing upon us all. More money will be wasted.

  • Let Science Prevail

    Every scientific community which has studied the issue has concluded that there is no appreciable risk involved in consuming genetically modified foods. That said, requiring producers to label perfectly healthy foods as genetically modified (and the related expenses) would cause panic among poorly-informed consumers, who would assume that there is something inherently dangerous about GM food, claims which the scientific community has consistently and repeatedly refuted.

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