Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods: Is labeling of GM foods superior PR for food producers?

  • It's good PR.

    I think that labeling all GMO products on the shelf is a good PR move for the non GMO products. If people knew exactly what was organic and what wasn't on their shelf I feel like more people would be eating organically instead of sucking down GMO related food products.

  • Yes, mandatory labeling of GM foods is superior PR for food producers.

    I think that labeling GM foods provides good PR for food producers because the producers' activities become more transparent to consumers and consumers know the products they are buying better which makes them happier. This is especially pertinent for consumers who are interested in organic food and eating natural foods that are not tampered with by human beings.

  • Genetically Modified Needs Labeled

    I do not believe the labeling of genetically modified foods is superior public relations for food producers. If anything, it would be damaging public relations for food producers. Many people want these items labeled because they are certain if they are truly safe, as we are being told now. People want to be more aware of what they are eating for their own benefit, not for the benefit of the people who produce the food.

  • Not Everyone Likes GM Foods

    Genetically modify foods are a good idea in general. However, the public is increasingly against these types of products because they feel there is a perception that GM foods may affect things such as nutrition, overall health and quality of life. There are no long-term studies of the affects of GM foods on the human body. There may be hidden dangers that we aren't aware of yet, but at this point the perception is unfounded. Perhaps eating organic food is better than GM food.

  • Not at all

    Most people that are against GMOs don't even know what they entail, they just believe what social media tells them which is "these are the most evil things on the face of the earth." Labeling them as GMOs is not good for the producers of them because it scares people away for reasons they couldn't even explain to you.

  • GM Labeling Hurts PR for Companies

    Currently, many Americans are weary of genetically modified foods. Labeling requirements for these foods actually amounts to negative PR for food producers that use such foods. On the other hand, companies that don't use genetically modified foods will see a PR boost because they have the upper hand in the minds of Americans.

  • It won't change a thing.

    I think that all this ruckus from companies on each site about mandatory labeling for genetically modified foods will turn out to be much ado about nothing. For example, when New York City forced fast food shops to put calorie counts on their menus, they soon discovered that it did not cause people to change their eating habits. I believe that when foods on store shelves are labeled as genetically modified, the only people who will care are the ones who already think they're making better choices by shopping at Whole Foods. No one else will care, sales will not change.

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