Mandatory military service: Does every citizen have a duty to serve their country?

  • It is better for you

    Not everyone that enlists has to be a soldier. They could be an engineer, an inventor, or work in the medical field of the military. They do not have to go and fight, they just need to be able to help each other to protect our country that we all live in.

  • Pro mandatory military.

    ...Or "like" alternative. What is the downside? Mandatory military service strengthens individuals physically and mentally, while instilling the values that are necessary to apply those strengths toward be a productive part of society: self-discipline, duty, and loyalty. Military service teaches an individual a set of skills on par with technical certification. Military service does not necessarily mean going to war, and it certainly doesn't mean fighting for something that you don't believe in. Military service is what you make of it. Some kind of period of service should be required of everyone, and military service as good as any option out there.

  • All citizens shouldn't

    The U.S. military should still be a all-volunteer military because if everybody was to serve once they turn 18, that goes against of what America is known for, "The right to choose what to do." If some people don't want to serve, then those people shouldn't serve, and some people do, well good for them they can go enlist in the military. Not everybody should be forced to serve in the military

  • No no no

    It does not have to be a duty because it must be a choice and it would be better for every single person in the world. In Turkey, Israel and some other countries are making it have to style and it is really bad. If i don't want to go to military I should not go to there.

  • I Think Not

    I don't think we should due to the fact that even if criminals after service, would be criminals, they would be harder to catch them, and easily to abducted, or killed due to experience in the military, and the population will decrease and, premature parents can't take care of there childeren

  • Military service should not be mandatory.

    Military service should not be mandatory, but every citizen does have a duty to serve their country by any other means. Military service is, in a sense, a calling; our men and women in uniform are in service because of a noble sense of duty. Every citizen has this sense, however it might not lead to military service. Citizens may serve their country through the workforce, or charity.

  • I am no fortunate son.

    I don't believe I should have to fight in a war I do not agree with nor serve a country that does not see social and political views the same as min. I will go to war the same day the president is in the front lines fighting with me.

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