Mandatory military service in Israel: Is mandatory military service in Israel justified?

  • Yes mandatory military service is justified.

    Israel has had this in place for many years. This is how they continue to survive in the environment that they live in. Besides the fact of the threats to Israel on a daily basis, this promotes productive societies, also the ability to defend themselves at home and for their country. The loyal to Israel is much higher than America because of this service. If everyone who has the ability to serve their country to defend and earn the rights and freedoms that they all receive they might not take them for granted.

  • No, mandatory military service in Isreal is not justified

    I don't believe that mandatory military service in Isreal is justifiable at all. This is nothing short of a communist manifesto. Being from a country that used to have a mandatory military service policy, this would not survive for long until a country overthows its own goverment. It goes against the rights of human beings .

  • Military Service Should be a Choice

    Military service is a serious commitment, one that can easily claim your life. It is a choice that should be left up to the citizens.Though I understand the plight of the Israeli government with its small population and numerous enemies has, there is no way to justify mandatory military service in Israel, or any other country for that matter.

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