Mandatory safety training for gun owners: Does mandatory safety training for gun owners make sense?

  • Mandatory safety training for gun owners is a good idea.

    Mandatory safety training for gun
    owners is a good idea. I can’t count how
    many stories I have heard about gun owners accidentally shooting their friends or
    family. Many people have guns and don’t
    know all of the necessary safety procedures associated with them. Also, many people have guns and don’t even
    know how to shoot them properly.

  • Safety is the most important thing when it comes to handling guns.

    I think mandatory gun safety training is a must because there are to many accidental shootings and even deaths why would anyone concerned with their own and others safety not want have the proper training to handle something as dangerous as any kind of gun, this alone could bring down the number of deaths from accidental shootings.

  • Why pick on guns?

    My argument is not against mandatory gun safety training per se, but rather that there are many far more dangerous activities and instruments that should be focused on first.
    In 2010 there were 606 accidental gun deaths reported. When you take in to account the 114,000,000 handguns owned by American citizens it becomes clear that this is a ridiculously small number compared to other forms of accidental death such as auto accidents, which costed the US about 33,000 lives in 2010. Is there mandatory safety training for automobile operation? I know that in NY the answer is hardly. How about mandatory training for swimming pool owners? There are many more examples, use your imagination.
    It is also worthy to point out that out of the 606 killed in gun accidents, only a percentage would probably have been saved by safety training.

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