Mandatory sentencing: Is mandatory sentencing a good idea?

  • Reduces crime in the community

    Evidence says that the community is much more safe and it is helping people feel at ease. These crimes have been happening less since these laws have been inforced. These laws were created by the community therefore the people want this law. Criminals are in jail and then also make the community feel more safe

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  • Mandatory sentancing is not a good idea

    Mandatory sentencing removes the ability of a judge to rule based on the individual and the record of the individual. It is important to allow some thought in the process as a person with no criminal history should be sentenced differently then a person who has previous criminal history. It would also take away the ability to allow entry in reforming programs or services to be used in place of fines and jail time.

  • Every rule has an exception

    The punishment should fit the crime. It's improper to put individuals away for simple infractions of the law. It doesn't leave an room open to interpretation for judges and juries. If all forms of murder carried the same penalty, would it be right for someone who accidentally killed someone in an auto accident to get the same sentence as someone who kills their family with a chainsaw?

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