Mandatory sentencing: Is the problem of recidivism eliminated by mandatory sentencing?

  • No Mandatory Sentencing

    Mandatory sentencing takes away from the fair judicial process. Sure the courts are lessened with court cases that have run the gamut of making courts dockets overloaded. However, mandatory sentencing does not look at the facts and the issues of the case. Without looking at the issues, unfairness could exist.

  • People can really be stupid.

    It would be smart to choos both because people would know what I mean instead of saying yes say no because I am a 10year old saying this to idiots while I could just talk to my parents about it but I choos other people sometimes like you people out there.

  • Manditory sentencing should only be used in certain cases.

    Intentional murder in cold blood should get the death penalty. Pedophiles should get the death penalty. Serial killers should get the death penalty. Serial rapists should get the death penalty. And the death penalty should mean death. People would think twice before committing crime if the penalty was death and it was carried out.

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