Manned mission to Mars: Does a manned mission to Mars have scientific value?

  • A manned mission to Mars has scientific value.

    Any information we can gather about other planets in our solar system has scientific value. Electronic equipment cannot record everything; there are some experiences that are unique to humans. Therefore, sending humans to Mars makes sense in order to capture that which only humans, and not computers, can comprehend. Missions to Mars are wise.

  • Manned Mission Value

    Manned missions to space have value. The manned missions have astronauts aboard who can scientifically monitor and research space exploration. Unmanned missions are mostly performed when it is hazardous for astronauts to man the space flight. Also, manned space missions have value because the images from space are more explicit.

  • Waste of money.

    You gotta think here. THINK. If you were poor, in poverty... How would you feel about taxes? About the food on your plate? About the roof over your head? Its already hard for people who can't even feed there children to a good healthy meal or a scrap. Now for my second point is that we already discovered tons of stuff on the moon from the Apollo or Neil Armstrong! Why continue? We technically have beat the russians. That was the WHOLE point of that. Therefore, its a waste.

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