Manned mission to Mars: Is a manned mission to Mars a good idea (yes), or are continued robotic missions best (no)?

  • We Should go to Mars.

    By going to Mars the United States could gain in profit from the minerals. We would also be able to colonize Mars if we send a team there. The United States has a vast expanse of scientific minds. With those minds we could make huge discoveries and gain profit. Mars+Humans=Profit!

  • We should go to mars

    It would be absolutely hilarious to have a spaceship blow up on the way. Guts and pieces would go everywhere. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Man on Mars, one way trip

    Man should further reach out to other celestial bodies and colonize them. With the recent discoveries of water on Mars, the search for extraterrestrial life should include humanity in the forefront. More rovers could easily be built on the surface of Mars and further search for resources. Hydrogen-3 is thought to be in high supply in easily attainable pockets on the surface of Mars.

  • Humans should be the new Martians!

    We should send manned missions to Mars. It would be an investment in humanities future. By sending a manned mission to Mars we can start a colony and who knows we might find resources or other items that could help humanity. I also believe that by having people on Mars that humanity would be protected if the Earth was for some reason destroyed or greatly traumatized. Basically we should do this to get a better understanding of our universe and to further our borders.

  • Why Risk a Life?

    We have no right as humans to send someone to Mars knowing that they will die there just to find out if humans could eventually live on Mars. Besides, there is so much more that we can do with all this money to improve our Earth, and what if the mission fails? We wasted the money, no one can colonize on Mars, and on top of that, we lost a life. If we do send someone, it may be disastrous.

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