Manned Space Exploration Space stations lunar/moon base men on mars etc vs Unmanned telescopes robots satellites rovers etc Which Should Be The Main Focus

Manned Space Exploration Space stations lunar/moon base men on mars etc vs Unmanned telescopes robots satellites rovers etc Which Should Be The Main Focus
  • I think humanity should focus more on manned exploration i would argue its far overdue we have sent many probes robots telescopes etc etc

    If humanity wants to survive as a species we will one way or another have to colonise space all it takes is 1 asteroid WW3 or a viral pandemic and humanity is gone if we become multi planetary are chances of extinction are much lower robots should and will help us but they shouldn't be the ones doing everything they are here to assist not do everything for us not only

    also the sense of adventure and excitement nothing is a greater achievement then humanity traversing the stars and the solar system building great space stations mining asteroids and travelling the solar system and beyond in huge space ships

  • Humans should definitely go make bases somewhere but the bots should always be the first ones there. We need to know where we’re going.

    Probes measure temp and atmospheric stuff so we don’t just land there and be like, “Oh flip, This place has oceans of acid and we just landed in it. ” But we shouldn’t just probe it either, We should send humans once we have info. This is why Elon is making Starship. We’re done with probes on Mars.

  • The moon can be a stopping point for travel to mars.

    We should start with setting up a base and colony on the moon because it is only a few day trip from earth to the moon, Making supply runs easy. After the moon, Mars could be the next step for colonization. Mars is great since it is big enough to support more of the population and of course farther down the line for interstellar travel.

  • People should be more focused on manned space explorations.

    Manned space explorations are definitely better, And should be the main focus. If we could find a way to get men to other Goldilocks planets, Think of how much easier it would be to escape the terrible pollution of Earth, And also have a chance to start over once again.

  • Much better logistics.

    Unlike people, Machines don't need air, Food, Water, Or bathroom facilities. This means there is no rush to get them back should something go wrong. With probes, We don't even expect to retrieve them so no return plan is needed. This also means that less needs to be sent into space so you either can use smaller rockets or have more of them in each mission. Unlike humans, Machines can be modified to handle extreme conditions like zero G to massive Gs. With the rovers, We just put airbags around them and let them hit the surface compared with trying to softly land a craft and have it launch back into space.
    Fact is, Of anywhere you can be, Space is the most dangerous. This begins with lift off. If you survive that, You still have numerous pieces of space debris to avoid. Tho NASA does track the large bits like satellites, If anything came detached from one like a chip of paint, It would be circling the planet like a bullet waiting to hit a target. Nobody knows how many of these small pieces are out there and they are too small to scan for. With more and more satellites being launched each year, It get to be even more of a risk as time goes on. The risks don't end their either.
    Clearly, Sending machinery makes much more sense as we can and have done it successfully in the past with relatively low cost.

    Personally, I thing going to the moon was a waist of tax dollars and so would be/is going to Mars and other planets. What did we get from going to the moon? Rocks and dust that you only get to see if you pay even more money for admission to where they are being displayed. Yes, We got lots of tech. Advancements from it but they were all invented here on earth. This means we didn't have to go into space to have them.

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