Many Native Americans lack Internet access: Should the government provide free Internet access on reservations?

  • We drove them out of their own land!

    Hi, my name is Ashley Johnston. I am 13 years old and have started learning how to write argumentive essays. We should honestly be giving the native Americans much more because we drove them away. Remember The Trail of Tears? Well, the Native Americans should be able to have free wifi and health care. Since Trump is our new president he should propose a speech of forgiveness to them. I hope someone thinks about my short words. There should be more peace in the world. Don't think the peace era was just in the sixties. Thank you.

  • The Goverment Should Provide Free Internet Access on Reservations

    In the early days of the Internet, access to the World Wide Web was viewed as a hobby, and those with the means to pay for it could do so if they wanted. Today, however, access to the Internet is a necessity, as vital information and government services are often only available online. As such, Native American reservations should be provided with Internet access at no cost.

  • No Native Americans.

    Living on the reservations get a large sum of money each month from the casinos that operate on the reservations so they have the funds to purchase a computer and access to the Internet.With those casino payouts they could afford a top of the line computer more then i could.

  • We don't owe them.

    No, the Native Americans should not get free Internet courtesy the U.S. government, because then they will just want us to pay for the next thing. Internet didn't even exist back in the days of Native Americans being the only people on this continent, so how is it something that we owe them something that we did not take? They can pay for it themselves, it is not that expensive.

  • No frikkin way

    Um, they should have to pay for it like EVERYONE else! Absolutely not. They want to live on the reservations without regulations by our government, then our government should not be paying for their stuff either. If anything internet is not a necessity so the option to access it should be there, but they need to pay for it.

  • Internet access on Reservations

    There are plenty of people besides Native Americans that lack Internet access. If they government is willing to give them free access to the Internet, then I think they should provide free access to everyone nationwide. I could understand setting them up with newer technology but I don't agree with giving free access.

  • When everyone is using internet the internet will be slower then they will build more network towers and animals habitat will be destroyed

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  • When everyone is using internet the internet will be slower then they will build more network towers and animals habitat will be destroyed

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