Many people debate student use of cell phones, but should teachers have cell phones in the classroom?

  • Yes, as long as it is not a distraction.

    Cell phones are useful for emergency situations and during downtime, such as breaks and lunches, they are a source of entertainment that helps the teacher relax. As long as the teachers keep their phones put away and on silent, then there is no reason to keep them from having their phones with them at work.

  • Yes they should

    I think that in the world we live in today it is fine for both students and teachers to have their cell phones out and be able to use them in class. I think that nothing bad is going to come from it, if the teacher give the same tests.

  • Teachers need cell phones in the classroom

    Teachers need cell phones in the classroom in case of emergency. For teachers who are not dedicated to what they do, cell phones can be abused by teachers, as they can be by children. If my child is in a classroom and in an emergency, I would feel better knowing that the teacher has a phone at her disposal to call 911.

  • cell phones in the classroom

    I personally agree,Cell phones are important tools of communication, and their usefulness has been demonstrated in classes over and over again (when I had a student faint in class, I would not have been able to call 911 without my cell phone on me--there are no land lines in classrooms on campus). Why is this being threatened?

  • Everyone should have a cell phone.

    The reason everyone should have a cell phone is because it is needed in today's world. What a teacher could to is have every student put the phone on their desk top and leave it on vibrate. And only be allowed to check when they are getting a call. The cell phone bans are a bit silly.

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